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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Aug 9, 2019


Foil Questions:

- How to you foil?

I have a whole post breaking down the method I use!

- What materials do you use?

I use the Amazon basics laminator, minc foil, cardstock, and a Lexmark laser printer. The exact products I use are linked in my Amazon wishlist:

- My results are not the same, why?

There are a multitude of reasons why you may not be getting the same results I am, I have a blog post titled "Issues When Foiling and How to Combat Them" where I go over the most common problems and what I do to avoid them!

- Do you have to foil immediately after printing?

In my experience, no. You can wait a few hours before foiling!

- Do you have to wait before peeling the foil?

Most of the time, I peel immediately after the foil is applied. However, with certain designs that have a lot of small details I find it's best to wait about 5 minutes before peeling.

- Can you print over a foiled design?

Yes! I've done a few designs where I send the foiled design through the printer again. This can be used to add black accents or another foil color! Once the foil has melted to the toner, adding another color foil over top will not stick!

- What do you do with the negatives? Can you use them to foil again?

Yes, you can use the negatives to create an inverted foil print. However, this requires printing an entire page of black, which uses a lot of toner. Toner is the most expensive material in this process, so I avoid doing this personally.


Other Questions:

- Do you sell your foil prints?

I do! My prints are available on my Etsy page:

- Do you take custom orders?

At the moment, I don't take fully custom orders. I do however offer custom state/ country silhouettes and custom calligraphy quotes. I will also make a foil print of your own design, just make sure to contact me first so I can let you know if it will work with the foil!

- What app do you use to draw?

I use the Procreate app. It costs a one time payment of $15 and is only available on the iPad. There is a pocket version that is about $5 for the iPhone. It is not available on Windows devices.

- What iPad and stylus do you use?

I have the 2017 iPad Pro, with the apple pencil! I purchased both of these from the apple store.

- How do you make your stickers?

I order my stickers from a company called Sticker App! They offer custom die cut stickers in a variety of materials. The stickers are also weatherproof and dishwasher safe!

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